About Us

We at, The Science of Life believe in a peaceful and balanced living.

Creating peace in life involves making life simple, meaningful and compassionate. Creating balance involves alignment of body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is the understanding that making positive changes in one of these four aspects of our living impacts all the others.

Balance involves nourishment of body with healthy, simple and locally produced food, exercise, making time to relax and letting restful sleep be a priority. It involves stimulating the mind with continuouslearning, and nurturing the spirit with self-care, yoga, meditation and quiet time.

Balanced living includes a desire to live each day with meaning, to live with intention and to reach your full potential.

We believe in helping you through our suggestioins, advice, products and services to achieve your best in life. We belive in your getting excellence in everything you do in your life whehther it is your professional life, your personal or social life.

We provide training and development services to the organizations and institution. Our professional speakers deliver lectures at clients’ premises where they train managers and higher executives in different spheres pf personal development.

Our advice and solutions help you take the first steps to the peaceful and balanced living. Combining superb nutrition with a routine of continuous learning, we can help you attaining your health, peaceful and balanced life. Since we want to stay with you in this journey, we invite you to keep checking back for daily life Tips from The Science of Life.

You’ll be amazed at how marvelous and blisssful life gets and feels.